About Trondheim City Bike

City bike is a quick and easy way to get from A to B. Most people use it as a supplement to their own bike, an alternative to public transportation, or just as a fun way to experience the city.

Trondheim kommune launched a new city bike program spring 2018, on behalf of itself, Trøndelag fylkeskommune and Statens Vegvesen.

The city bike scheme is a collaboration between the city of Trondheim and Clear Channel Norway AS. The municipality makes public advertising space available and gets a city bike space in return. Trondheim City Bike is financed by subscriptions, advertisements on the racks, and sponsorship.

When can I use the bikes?

Bikes can be unlocked from 6 in the morning until midnight. You can always return bikes. The season started April 7th and lasts until there is ice on the roads, typically in the beginning of December.

Who’s behind Trondheim City Bike?

Urban Infrastructure Partner AS develops, owns and operates the city bike scheme in Trondheim, on behalf of Clear Channel Norway AS.

What do we do

Fill and empty the stations

For the right number of bikes to be in the right place at the right time every day, we have a crew and cars that are out working from morning to night. If a station is about to be filled up with bikes or gets emptied, the crew gets notified.

Repair bicycles

Bikes in a sharing system are frequently used, and therefore require regular lubrication, washing, and love.

Help our users

We’re available to offer information and answer questions by e-mail, telephone, and Facebook. We also talk with users directly in the app, or here on the website.

Continue to develop the service

We’re here to make sure that more and more people are using the city bikes. To make this happen, we’re working to make the bikes better, keep the apps and website updated, and develop new ideas.

How to contact us

Get in touch with our customer experience team either through the homepage, app, Facebook-chat or e-mail. Our phone hours is open weekdays from 07:00-22:45

E-mail: post@trondheimbysykkel.no
Phone number: 94 858 825