When can I start biking?

The City Bikes are available from 06 to midnight. You can park in a station at any time. Enjoy!

How long does the season last?

The city bikes are available as long as there’s no ice on the ground, normally from April to the start of December

Do I have to pay with my smartphone?

No, entering your mobile number and verification code is only to confirm who you are. The payment is by preferred payment card.

I have received a gift card. How do I get started?

Lucky you! Register your value code on https://trondheimbysykkel.no/en/redeem-giftcard or in the app, and follow the steps.

Are the bikes electric?


How do I locate the closest bike station?

You can find this in our app or in the station map here. In our app you can also see the real-time status of our stations.

Which app should I use?

The app for planning, real-time info and unlocking bikes can be downloaded for iPhone or Android.

Do I need a Norwegian mobile number?

No, you can register and unlock a bike with a foreign number. The only thing you have to do is to manually select your country code. Have a nice trip!

What happens with my old subscription?

Your profile is saved, but you must re-register every season.

Can we order a season card for our business?

We are working on offering a business solution in the near future, but this is not currently available.

I'd like to suggest a new station location

Cool! We appreciate all feedback. Send your suggestion to stasjonsforslag@trondheimbysykkel. All suggestions will be read and considered.

Why didn’t I receive a code by SMS?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes before the SMS code comes through. If the SMS code is not sent, you will receive a call and have it read to you.

The purpose of the SMS code is to verify that it’s you. The personal PIN-code can be made when you are logged in to your account and can be used directly on the stations to unlock a bike.

How can I keep up to date?

Follow us on Facebook for updates on what’s going on.

I have further questions!

Send us a message here on this page or in the app. You may also send an email to post@trondheimbysykkel.no We love hearing from you and will answer you as fast as we can!